Allied Paralegal Services is a Law Society of Ontario-licensed paralegal that provides a wide range of legal services to our clients. We deliver the positive outcomes you seek thanks to our years of experience and extensive understanding. Allied Paralegal is a friendly paralegal near you that provides legal services at a reasonable cost. As a paralegal service provider, we take pleasure in our accessibility and professionalism. We represent you as a legal advisor or a legal assistant in order to assist you in attaining the best possible results in any legal matter.

Services Offered By Allied Paralegal

Allied Paralegal Services is one of Ontario’s leading paralegal firms. They specialize in a broad range of legal services such as landlord and tenant court, small claims court, WSIB-workers/employers. They also have services of LSO licensing, human rights, municipal by-laws, and highway traffic acts. We are your legal support team in Sudbury, Ontario, and we can help you resolve significant legal matters quickly with our individualized approach. Our full-service paralegal team provides flexible cost paralegal support to corporations and enterprises to assist them in maximizing productivity and control costs. Check the briefs of all our services below.

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Landlord & Tenant Court Services

The landlord and tenant board (LTB) lays forth the rights and responsibilities of residential landlords and renters. They provide a means for enforcing those rights. The LTB’s job is to help tenants and landlords work out their differences through mediation or adjudication. The LTB also handles eviction requests from co-ops. And provides tenants and landlords with information about their rights and responsibilities under the RTA.

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Small Claims Court Services

Small Claims Court handles contract disputes, judgment enforcement, debt recovery, and a variety of other monetary matters up to a maximum of $25,000. If you are inexperienced with the rules of a small claims court, it might be tough to navigate them. We will represent you in Small Claims Court as an expert paralegal near you. They also help you get the significant win you want.

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WSIB - Workers & Employers

The Workplace Safety and Compensation Board (WSIB) is a provincial organization. It provides assistance and insurance to employees who have been injured at work. You can file a claim with the WSIB to receive the advantages of workplace insurance. The tribunal lays forth both workers’ and employers’ rights and obligations, as well as a mechanism for enforcing those rights. Workers who want to appeal to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and have their rights restored can seek legal help from us.

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License With LSO

The Law Society of Ontario regulates the legal profession in Ontario. It is in charge of paralegals and lawyers in Ontario’s education, regulation, licensing, supervision, and discipline. They make sure that the lawyers and paralegals are qualified to deliver quality legal services to the general public. At Allied Paralegal Services, we can assist you in studying for the LSO exam. We assist them in obtaining Paralegal Professional Licensure from the Law Society of Ontario. We can assist you in obtaining your paralegal or P1 license.

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Human Rights Consultations

The Canadian Human Rights Act is aimed to ensure that every citizen’s right to be free of harassment and discrimination. These rights are protected and enforced uniformly across the country. Individuals are protected under the Human Rights Act from discrimination, specifically based on race, color, ancestry, place of origin, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, and criminal record. Our skilled legal advisors at Allied Paralegal assist individuals in fighting lawsuits involving human rights breaches in any form.  Paralegal Services in Ontario 


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